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Welcome to
Hilloween Central!

Don't know what to be for Halloween? Well get on the campaign trail and be Hillary! Print out either of these masks for hours of Hillary Hillarity!

Fool your friends and neighbors!

March in the Halloween Parade!

The possibilities for fun are ENDLESS!

See below for easy instructions and suggestions.

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Instructions and Suggestions
  1. Click on the mask of your choice.

  2. Click the print icon on your browser to print the page. A thin card stock is recommended but regular print paper works too - if you use regular print paper before cutting out the mask you can reinforce it by putting strips of tape on the back in a grid pattern.

  3. Cut out the mask. KIDS: Ask your mom to help you! : )

  4. Tape to a stick (a dowel or paint mixing stick works nicely).

NOTE: Using as a 'hands free' mask (i.e. punching out eyes holes, string holes and wearing over face is not recommended unless your card stock can handle it.

Have a Blast! Happy Hilloween!